The Constitution of the Yamaha Custom Club United Kingdom

The club was jointly started in the UK by the following members in early 2019, namely: Roger Moore, Kevin Hoyte, Jenna Wiggins & Sally Tackas. The above named people will be known as “Founder Members” and hold the 4 positions known as President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer respectively.

The YCC UK was accepted into the YCC World in June 2019 in Germany and has now become a member of the YCGE (Yamaha Custom Group Europe).

We are the 13th YCC club, the other 12 being YCC Sweden, YCC Denmark, YCC Norway, YCC Finland, YCC Belgium, YCC Netherlands, YCC Spain, YCC Colombia, YCC Venezuela, YCC Mexico, YCC Australia & YCC Panama.

The UK Membership Fee is currently an annual fee set at £10 per year. Any the new member will receive a club patch, a current copy of the constitution and a Membership Card. (The Membership Year being the anniversary date of when you joined). The club Secretary currently sends you a reminder 4 weeks before your renewal date.

The club and it’s members will review the membership fee annually and any decision on any increase will be discussed with all current members before being ratified.

The club patch ideally “should” be worn on the top left side of any jacket. No YCC UK patch to be given, sold or exchanged with any other UK based club members. However, YCC UK patches can be given, sold or exchanged with “other” YCC club members overseas. Confirmation of why can be sought by contacting any Committee member.

YCC UK Regalia is available via the Club Secretary whereby there is no minimum order. The items are quality products and are sourced locally. Contact the club Secretary for more details.

 YCC UK Pin Badges are also available via the club Vice President and club Secretary at a cost of £4.50 each.

The club has its own Bank Account (Lloyds) and will primarily be operated by the club Treasurer. Membership fees and regalia payments can be paid directly into the clubs account. Contact any Committee member for the details.

The club will have a Membership Database, Membership Cards, Web page and a Facebook page. This will be controlled by the Club Secretary.

Any application to join the YCC UK should be forwarded to the Club Secretary in the first instance. A decision on any new membership will be ratified by 3 members of the Committee, namely the President, Vice President & Secretary. If one of the 3 Commitiee members object, the application will be rejected.

Currently, there is ONLY one geographical Area/Centre (subject to change depending on membership numbers moving forward).

Any NEW member must request to join the YCC UK (if currently a member of the VSOC). We will not be accused of poaching members from other Custom/Cruiser clubs.

Any NEW member outside of those organisations can be asked to join or join through advertisement via media oulets.

To qualify to join the YCC UK you will be required to have a “Qualifying Bike”, namely a Yamaha Cruiser/Custom usually a Virago or Star range of motorcycle. The preferred lower “cc” to be 500cc. There is no maximum “cc” limit. Any considerations for lower “cc” applications to be considered on a case by case basis.

There will be no “family” membership “per se” and any family member owning a qualifying bike, must also be a member in their own right. Any changes to this will need to be thought though moving forward, however this is our current stance.  

If you “No longer own a qualifying bike” you will no longer be deemed to be a member of the YCC UK and your membership will be withdrawn forthwith.    

If you are no longer a member, you are requested to return your membership card to the club Secretary.

As a member of the YCC group of clubs, you are entitled to attend any “YCGE” events at the same cost of any home club member. These include annual Rallies in Belgium, Holland & Denmark, plus the International Rallies when overseas. These can include: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany and others.

Any member conducting himself or herself in a manner that could bring discredit to the club or in a manner not acceptable to the YCC UK Committee, could be expelled from the club subject to satisfactory explanations to the Committee.

The Committee reserves the right to make any decision on anything regarding YCC UK matters, and their decision is final.

Yamaha Custom Club UK Committee

Download a copy here